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Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by Tales of Teaching in Heels, a blog for Middle & High School resources.

I have been teaching since 2008, where I started in 7th grade English, and then moved to 8th grade English & ASB Director my second year teaching. After that, I left the public school system and moved to a public charter school. There I taught high school English for 5 years.

I also coached cheer and softball...fun, fun :)
It was really cold that game!!!

So including student teaching, I've taught every grade from 7-12 :) With that experience, I've tried to create rigorous, engaging, and creative lessons for teachers all over the country.

I grew up in CA, went to WA for college, and now live in TX [fiance's job transfer]. We will be getting married in October 2015 back home in CA and can't wait to live "happily ever after"!

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  1. I am a college student studying to be an English teacher for middle school. I am loving your teaching ideas and styles! Also, I am a former Texan who relocated to Michigan in the UP. :)