July 30, 2017

Bloom's Taxonomy Leveled Questions

Hello everyone! Finals are wrapping up so I have some time to work on teaching "stuff." The Year-long Warm-ups are doing well and someone even won TWO for free from the Instagram/Facebook giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered :)

This morning I was also able to upload a new product: Bloom's Taxonomy Leveled Questions for ANY Novel. 

I like the idea of leveled questions because it makes students work their way up from remembering simple facts, to actually analzying what they're reading. I also love that this doesn't have to be a "lesson plan." If you want to add these to your Lit Circles for those who finish their discussion early. Or perhaps this would be a good test review, or even an Exit Slip before they leave for the day. Your imagination is the limit :) There are even blank cards for each level so that you can use an expo marker to write in your own novel-specific question if you choose.

Check it out!

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