July 31, 2017

TPT BTS Sale is here!!!!

Use the code: BTS2017 to receive 25% off my ENTIRE store!!!

Happy Back To School!

July 30, 2017

Bloom's Taxonomy Leveled Questions

Hello everyone! Finals are wrapping up so I have some time to work on teaching "stuff." The Year-long Warm-ups are doing well and someone even won TWO for free from the Instagram/Facebook giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered :)

This morning I was also able to upload a new product: Bloom's Taxonomy Leveled Questions for ANY Novel. 

I like the idea of leveled questions because it makes students work their way up from remembering simple facts, to actually analzying what they're reading. I also love that this doesn't have to be a "lesson plan." If you want to add these to your Lit Circles for those who finish their discussion early. Or perhaps this would be a good test review, or even an Exit Slip before they leave for the day. Your imagination is the limit :) There are even blank cards for each level so that you can use an expo marker to write in your own novel-specific question if you choose.

Check it out!

July 9, 2017

Christmas in July!

Good morning, everyone!

It's July and the heat is in full effect. So why not cool down with some Christmas?!

From the 10th to the 13th, I'll be hosting Christmas in July over at my TPT Store, and everything will be 20% off!! It's a great way to get prepared for the next school, and all you have to do is shop in your PJs :)

Even the Year-long Warm-Ups will be 20% off!!! What a steal :) Happy July everyone!