May 30, 2017

Warm-ups for the Entire School Year: 225 prompts

It is finally finished!!!! I think I've been working on this project for 4+ months now (when I had a few free hours), and I am happy to say it is complete.

This download has 225 unique prompts to help students settle in to class and become focused on English. I know it is always a hassle to have to create new warm-ups everyday, and/or make sure you haven't repeated anything, and make sure it is somewhat standards-based. Well look no further :)

These warm-ups are standards-based, have been created by an English teacher and reviewed/edited by other English teachers, and will keep your students interested.

The warm-ups are in mostly black & white, and the parts that are in color still print well!

This download also comes with "teacher instructions" that explain the mindset behind the prompts and how to go about grading them.  So head on over to my TPT Store and check out the Year-long Prompts!!

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