November 15, 2016

Well Hello, November!

Halloween came and went, so did Veteran's Day. Where has the time gone?? Thanksgiving is around the corner, then Christmas, then it's 2017!!! Ahhhhh!!!

Well I'm hopping back on the blog to let you guys know about a great new product I have available. As you know, I'm in the Sign Language Interpreting program at night so that I can add Sign Language on to my credential and teach it as a foreign language.

Side note, I've been making flashcards like CRAZY!!!!

But for the big news-I have created a bundle of quizzes for ASL 1 that focus on fingerspelling. While ASL focuses heavily on signs, it is important for students to know how to understand fingerspelling, both receptively and expressively. These 4 quizzes get progressively more difficult, and start to cover longer words and "things/places" with two names, i.e. Grocery Store.

The first quiz does not require a teacher to sign/spell anything, so it can be given on a sub day ;) The next three do require the teacher to spell the words that the students write down.

Take a look!

You can see here that Quiz #1 utilized the written letters [just to test for recognition and to see who is actually studying the alphabet] whereas Quizzes #2-4 require live spelling.

Answer Keys are provided for all quizzes, and they are available in both Word and PDF :) Check it out here!

Happy Signing!

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