October 7, 2016

How to actually teach annotation

...not just hand out a helpful bookmark. The bookmark can now serve as a friendly reminder for students, but not the end all be all.

I now have a PowerPoint available for y'all to help you actually teach students how to annotate properly.

We've all seen the margins that say, "wow", "cool", or other meaningless phrases. How are these phrases helping students?!? THEY'RE NOT...

This PowerPoint can be used as a presentation in your classroom, or you can assign it for homework and have students take notes to prove they viewed it. Learning how to properly annotate [or perform a Close Reading] will help students engage with the text on a deeper level, and will make your job as a teacher EASIER!

Head on over to TPT and check it out :)


  1. I'm actually not even sure what 'annotation' means...but I am so impressed by your creativity in creating tools designed to help both teachers and students! Hats off to you!

    1. Thank you! It's basically just taking notes in the margins about what you read. Often helpful for comprehension and to keep track of themes or quotations you want to use in a paper later on :)