September 11, 2016

September 11-15th Anniversary

I just thought I'd share something my husband wrote on FB this morning:

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the tragic events that changed America and a majority of the people in it. Not since Dec 7th 1941, had our country seen and felt something like this. The day started with multiple events of cowardice and hatred, but ended with amazing displays of true heroics and sacrifice. 15 years ago, 19 cowards hijacked 4 separate planes and attacked this country on a clear and beautiful Tuesday morning. By the end of the day, America lost almost 3,000 people. Many of which were unsuspecting innocent people that were at work in the New York City and Washington, D.C. region or trying to travel by air on one of the 4 hijacked planes. But, others were first responders who answered the call made on that day and heroically risked their lives to try and save those directly impacted by the events on the 11th, many of which willingly paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their lives. These first responders were made up of thousands of Firefighters, Law Enforcement personnel, Port Authority personnel, and EMTs. These first responders, these heroes, didn't hesitate on this day and did exactly what they were trained to do. ......they saved lives, regardless of gender, race, and religion. All of this was irrelevant, they just knew that people were hurt and in danger and that they needed to do something about it.

At the end of the day, 343 FDNY, 23 NYPD , 37 Port Authority PD, and 8 EMTs heroically gave their lives trying to save the lives of others. Remember and honor these heroes today, as well the approx other 2,900 lives lost 15 years ago today. All of these people are heroes and deserve to never be forgotten!!!! I challenge everyone to do the research and read about the heroics on this day, 15 years ago. There were many and they need to be remembered. We need to remember how the country came together to not only support those involved, but to help recover and rebuild. That is what this country is about! Never forget!

Just some food for thought. Enjoy your friends and family today :)

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