September 8, 2016

New Job Update!

Hello blogger buddies! As many of you know from my Tales of Teaching in Heels Facebook page, I started a new job recently :)

I now work at the local college in their Writing Center, helping students write papers, giving presentations in classrooms about the Center and/or how to write an effective paper, or even help with resumes.  I have to tell you, I am LOVING this new job!!!!!!

Students come in on their one makes them come in. This is the great part about the job, the students want the help! On average I help around 3-4 students per day [I'm part time and so I only work 4 hours a day] and the assistance can range from MLA formatting, to organize a paper, or correct grammar, or even a complete paper overhaul.

Once I'm here a little longer, I'll be sharing with you the most common mistakes I see, and I'll share ideas with y'all on how we can combat that as middle school/high school teachers.

So far the thing I'm noticing the most is that the teachers are not clear on their expectations or directions. Now, as a teacher, I know that students often say I didn't tell them how to do it or what not...but I even looked on these kids' Blackboard accounts and the professor just says, "Write a 5 page paper about summer".... ummmmmmm....ok. Formatting? Theme? Dialogue? What do you want?!

Thus, my first helpful hint to all you teachers out there is to make sure your directions and expectations are clear. This will help students create an outline more easily and will give them an idea of where there paper is going.

Looking forward to sharing more with you guys as I experience more!!


  1. Congratulations Stephanie! This is great news! More importantly, I am happy to know you are enjoying this new job so much - clearly it's a great fit for you. I am looking forward to reading more posts about it ! Tina

    1. Thanks Tina! Yes, it's right up my alley and perfect for this season of my life :) Can't wait to share more :)