August 4, 2016

Back To School & Open House Bundle

It's August...which means we go back to school toward the end of the month...some of you even sooner! [sorry about that] And with the start of school comes Back To School and Open House.

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I remember my first year-I didn't know what to say, if I should let them ask questions, if I should tell them I was a first year teacher...yikes!

I wish I had a guide that would have helped me through it or at least given me some ideas. I don't think Pinterest was big 8 years ago :/

So I am giving you what I wish I had...A How To Guide and Ideas bundle!!!

This download contains:
-A How To Guide and ideas....and even suggestions on what to talk about!
-Parents' Sign Up Sheets
-Parent Info Card
-Classroom Donations take-homes
The Back To School and Open House Bundle is in Word and PDF format, and even contains a few .jpegs. Even if you're a pro and you've been doing this 10+ years, sometimes it's nice to have something pre-made and different. Give it a try and let me know how your Back To School Night or Open House went!

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