June 14, 2016

Planners and Planning and Perfection!

I know some of you are not ready to think about the next school year....but take it from a super organized person who never spent more than 30 minutes a week planning during the school year...you want to!

The biggest tip I can give to teachers, new and seasoned alike, is plan over summer! You only need to spend a few weeks each summer going through your old lessons, switching things out, creating new ones, and filling in your plan book; this will allow you SO MUCH MORE TIME during the school year! I never spent more than 30 minutes a week planning my lessons during the school year-this is because I was organized!

This is NOT a humble brag...this is me sharing with you what WORKS!!! I used to see teachers stressing out, staying at school until 6pm trying to plan for the next day, or there at 6am trying to plan for the that same day! Now before yous tart yelling at me, yes, I know things change during the school day that may cause you to need to change your plans....I get it. I'm talking about IN GENERAL.

Another tip I give is to do your copying Friday after school FOR THE NEXT WEEK. I never ran into other teachers trying to get their copying done...the copier wasn't jammed, I wasn't rushing to get to my class. It's a great time to copy! That way too, if you're sick Monday morning, your copies are available for the sub :)

I use my Summer Planner/Back to School Planner to help over the summer. It has checklists and a timeline to help keep me on track. Then during the year, I use my Planner of choice to help keep me organized with each class. I've updated all my Planners in my TPT Store, and they're all ready for 2016-2017!

Take the first step...get your planner printed and bound [I use Office Depot] and decorated with Washi Tape and all that fun stuff :) That can be your "planning" time for this week!! You'll feel better knowing you're on the right track to organization!

 [I buy the plastic dividers and have Office Depot bind them in with my planner. I also have them laminate the front and back cover in their stiffest lamination.]

Here's all my Planner themes available at my TPT Store:
Pastel Hexagon
Watercolor Flowers
Grey/Teal Chevron
Turquoise & Black Arrows
Black, White, & Blue [Non-year specific]
Gold Polka Dot

And if you're just looking for a VERY basic planner, I have my Free Chalkboard Planner as well. It is very basic though...just the Planning pages, Notes pages, and Important Phone Numbers page.

And if you don't like any of my styles, THAT'S OK!!!!!! As long as you find a planner that works for you and helps keep you organized-that is the goal :)


  1. The message about planning ahead is specific to teachers in this post, but very easily translates to planning in daily life. The weeks where I plan meals, cleaning projects, workouts, etc make for such a smoother life. Thanks for reiterating a very important message-I'm off to plan my grocery shopping list !

    1. I think so, yes! I always told my students to plan ahead for work and schoolwork, etc. Meal planning is something I sort of do...I ask Bryan on Sunday, what should we do for dinner this week? LOL