May 7, 2016

Two New Planner Themes!

As this school years starts coming to a close, it's that fun time of year when you get to start thinking about what theme you want to do next year!!

I've come up with two new themes that I'm very excited about, and finally ready to share with y'all :)

First Up: Watercolor Flowers

This download contains a Lesson Planner, a Sub Binder, and 3 Classroom Posters! It offers both Word and PDF so that you can edit if need be, and now has a 6-class planner instead of 5 :)

Here's some close ups:

Front of the Planner

MLA Formatting Poster

And monthly calendars from August 2016 - July 2017.

And by the way, this new theme goes perfectly with my Watercolor To-Do Lists that come in 3 options ;)

And if flowers aren't really your "thing", I've got another option for you!

Second Option: Pastel Hexagon Design

This download contains a Lesson Planner [5-class], Sub Binder, and 3 Classroom Posters. Also available in both Word and PDF, in case editing is needed.

And now, a few close ups:
Front of the Lesson Planner

Parent Communication Log page [make multiple copies to use all year long]

Monthly Calendars, August 2016- July 2017.

I hope these new themes get you excited for next year!! Enjoy shopping, and thanks again for supporting my store. My goal is to create products that are functional, yet fun for teaching, and hopefully make your lives a little easier in the process :)

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