May 15, 2016

The Last Few Weeks Of School..What to do, What to do...

AP tests are completed, Prom came and went, STAAR testing is finally finished. And now you have those last few pesky weeks of school.

Most Seniors have decided where they're going to college, or not, and have lost a little motivation to be at school. Well why not give them some of that motivation back? My College & Career Readiness unit is a great way to "fill up" the last few weeks of school, but also prepare them for summer jobs, college majors, and future careers.

If you have Juniors, this too is a great time to complete this unit with your students since college applications are around the corner, and summer jobs are too!

This unit teaches students how to:
-Write a proper Resume
-Complete a proper Cover Letter
-An activity to find errors in a Cover Letter
-A College/Career Research Project & Rubric

I also add to this unit by having a week where I invite business members from the community to come speak to my Juniors/Seniors about their careers. It gives them a taste of what they can aspire to, what goes into that career...what you should major in for that career, what you *can earn, what are the typical hours, etc.  The parents of the Juniors/Seniors REALLY appreciated this unit; I got TONS of thank you notes from the kiddos' parents :)

So enjoy your last few weeks of school and help the kids out one more time! :)


  1. I did something like this with my kiddos when I taught test prep! It's very eye opening for our students! Great idea.

  2. Awesome! Yes, sometimes they have no clue what's out there! :) Thanks for commenting!