May 12, 2016

Reuniting with an old flame...ASL

Happy Thursday to you blogger buddies!

As you may have seen from some of my Facebook posts [if you follow my FB page], I'm taking up American Sign Language again. I'm actually very excited about this journey and am excited to be signing again after a 13 year break. It's scary to think college was 13 years I really that OLD?!?! Anyway...

I've decided to start the process of getting my ASL teaching credential. I still have my English credential, but would just like to add on the ASL. Now, I haven't taken sign in a very long time, but it's coming back rather quickly. I have enrolled in a community college Interpreting program to get my skills back, learn more, and become equip to teach ASL in the secondary level.

I took my test yesterday to try to test out of ASL 1, and take ASL 2 this summer. Let's hope I passed!!!!!! I don't feel the test was representative of all my skills and knowledge re: ASL, but hopefully they can see I do know enough to pass the first course.

So in honor of my new adventure, I made two free posters for y'all. One with the alphabet, and one with numbers 1-10.

Even if you don't teach ASL, these skills may come in handy some day. Perhaps you have a mainstreamed student in your class...wouldn't it be nice to not have to ALWAYS rely on the interpreter? Or perhaps you teach Special Education and have students that use ASL. Or perhaps you're interested in expanding your own skill set and thing ASL would be interesting. Well these posters are technically 8.5 x 11", so they'd be a great study sheet to keep around, or, they can be blown up to a 2x3' poster and hung in the classroom! Either way, they're helpful and FREE :)

Here's a peek of the posters:

Click here to get them for FREE! Enjoy everyone!

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