May 3, 2016

Reading Challenge

Here you go all you Gilmore Girls fans!!

I love this show, and am so happy they're doing a revival for Netflix. I WILL watch it. But what I liked about the show was that the female lead was intelligent, sassy, strong-willed, and didn't bend to anyone. I love that she loved to read.

So for those of you wanting to know, "they" mention 369 books in the series. That's right. 369. I saw a link to a blog on Pinterest, but hers were literally just typed in the I made a Word doc/PDF. They're in alphabetical order.

I put them into a PDF on Google Docs for you if you'd like to be able to read them and check them off one by one :)

At this time, I have read 57. As an English teacher, I feel slightly ashamed of that low number, but oh well. I'm not putting this on TPT because I think the "Gilmore Girls" thing is copyrighted, I have no clue, but I'm making a free list you can have :)

Enjoy reading for the next few years!! LOL

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