May 22, 2016

How To Stay Organized Over The Summer

So this is sort of a #Repost...with all the cool info about my Back To School Planner.

This can also be seen as a Summer Planner, because it helps you organize your time during the summer to stay on track so you're not overwhelmed when the new school year starts!

If you do "backward planning" and look at what needs to be done [in a reasonable amount of time], this is just about when you need to start thinking about back to school. Yes NEED.

I DO like to plan over the summer so that I'm NOT stressed when the new school year starts. So I did some backward planning and decided that 6 weeks out is a very generous amount of time to start planning. Starting so far out will allow you to just do a little each week and still have time for summer fun!

Or you could take my 6 weeks of checklists and cram them into the last 3 weeks if you want ;)

 This is just a brief look into what you'll be getting when you purchase your planner...

And who doesn't love helpful checklists?!

I know nobody wants to work over the summer...but trust me! If you do one day a week of organizing over the summer, you will see a HUGE difference in your stress level, and how prepared you feel for the first week of school!

Happy Organizing!


  1. Eeek! I'm not even out yet! I've gotta give myself some breathing time, and then I'll be right back at it. Great idea!

    1. I know! We still have two weeks too, but I thought I'd just plant the seed for people! End of the school year is a great time to throw away stuff you don't need anymore ;) Thanks for commenting! :)