May 27, 2016

End Of The School Year SALE

You did it! [Or have almost done it!]

To celebrate the end of the school year, I'm holding a sale over at my TPT Store. This is a great time to stock up on items you may want to use next year...and start thinking about next year's theme!

I've got new planners, new units, and fun freebies! All on sale from today [the 27th] through Memorial Day :) So head on over and save!


May 22, 2016

How To Stay Organized Over The Summer

So this is sort of a #Repost...with all the cool info about my Back To School Planner.

This can also be seen as a Summer Planner, because it helps you organize your time during the summer to stay on track so you're not overwhelmed when the new school year starts!

If you do "backward planning" and look at what needs to be done [in a reasonable amount of time], this is just about when you need to start thinking about back to school. Yes NEED.

I DO like to plan over the summer so that I'm NOT stressed when the new school year starts. So I did some backward planning and decided that 6 weeks out is a very generous amount of time to start planning. Starting so far out will allow you to just do a little each week and still have time for summer fun!

Or you could take my 6 weeks of checklists and cram them into the last 3 weeks if you want ;)

 This is just a brief look into what you'll be getting when you purchase your planner...

And who doesn't love helpful checklists?!

I know nobody wants to work over the summer...but trust me! If you do one day a week of organizing over the summer, you will see a HUGE difference in your stress level, and how prepared you feel for the first week of school!

Happy Organizing!

May 15, 2016

The Last Few Weeks Of School..What to do, What to do...

AP tests are completed, Prom came and went, STAAR testing is finally finished. And now you have those last few pesky weeks of school.

Most Seniors have decided where they're going to college, or not, and have lost a little motivation to be at school. Well why not give them some of that motivation back? My College & Career Readiness unit is a great way to "fill up" the last few weeks of school, but also prepare them for summer jobs, college majors, and future careers.

If you have Juniors, this too is a great time to complete this unit with your students since college applications are around the corner, and summer jobs are too!

This unit teaches students how to:
-Write a proper Resume
-Complete a proper Cover Letter
-An activity to find errors in a Cover Letter
-A College/Career Research Project & Rubric

I also add to this unit by having a week where I invite business members from the community to come speak to my Juniors/Seniors about their careers. It gives them a taste of what they can aspire to, what goes into that career...what you should major in for that career, what you *can earn, what are the typical hours, etc.  The parents of the Juniors/Seniors REALLY appreciated this unit; I got TONS of thank you notes from the kiddos' parents :)

So enjoy your last few weeks of school and help the kids out one more time! :)

May 12, 2016

Reuniting with an old flame...ASL

Happy Thursday to you blogger buddies!

As you may have seen from some of my Facebook posts [if you follow my FB page], I'm taking up American Sign Language again. I'm actually very excited about this journey and am excited to be signing again after a 13 year break. It's scary to think college was 13 years I really that OLD?!?! Anyway...

I've decided to start the process of getting my ASL teaching credential. I still have my English credential, but would just like to add on the ASL. Now, I haven't taken sign in a very long time, but it's coming back rather quickly. I have enrolled in a community college Interpreting program to get my skills back, learn more, and become equip to teach ASL in the secondary level.

I took my test yesterday to try to test out of ASL 1, and take ASL 2 this summer. Let's hope I passed!!!!!! I don't feel the test was representative of all my skills and knowledge re: ASL, but hopefully they can see I do know enough to pass the first course.

So in honor of my new adventure, I made two free posters for y'all. One with the alphabet, and one with numbers 1-10.

Even if you don't teach ASL, these skills may come in handy some day. Perhaps you have a mainstreamed student in your class...wouldn't it be nice to not have to ALWAYS rely on the interpreter? Or perhaps you teach Special Education and have students that use ASL. Or perhaps you're interested in expanding your own skill set and thing ASL would be interesting. Well these posters are technically 8.5 x 11", so they'd be a great study sheet to keep around, or, they can be blown up to a 2x3' poster and hung in the classroom! Either way, they're helpful and FREE :)

Here's a peek of the posters:

Click here to get them for FREE! Enjoy everyone!

May 7, 2016

Two New Planner Themes!

As this school years starts coming to a close, it's that fun time of year when you get to start thinking about what theme you want to do next year!!

I've come up with two new themes that I'm very excited about, and finally ready to share with y'all :)

First Up: Watercolor Flowers

This download contains a Lesson Planner, a Sub Binder, and 3 Classroom Posters! It offers both Word and PDF so that you can edit if need be, and now has a 6-class planner instead of 5 :)

Here's some close ups:

Front of the Planner

MLA Formatting Poster

And monthly calendars from August 2016 - July 2017.

And by the way, this new theme goes perfectly with my Watercolor To-Do Lists that come in 3 options ;)

And if flowers aren't really your "thing", I've got another option for you!

Second Option: Pastel Hexagon Design

This download contains a Lesson Planner [5-class], Sub Binder, and 3 Classroom Posters. Also available in both Word and PDF, in case editing is needed.

And now, a few close ups:
Front of the Lesson Planner

Parent Communication Log page [make multiple copies to use all year long]

Monthly Calendars, August 2016- July 2017.

I hope these new themes get you excited for next year!! Enjoy shopping, and thanks again for supporting my store. My goal is to create products that are functional, yet fun for teaching, and hopefully make your lives a little easier in the process :)

May 3, 2016

Reading Challenge

Here you go all you Gilmore Girls fans!!

I love this show, and am so happy they're doing a revival for Netflix. I WILL watch it. But what I liked about the show was that the female lead was intelligent, sassy, strong-willed, and didn't bend to anyone. I love that she loved to read.

So for those of you wanting to know, "they" mention 369 books in the series. That's right. 369. I saw a link to a blog on Pinterest, but hers were literally just typed in the I made a Word doc/PDF. They're in alphabetical order.

I put them into a PDF on Google Docs for you if you'd like to be able to read them and check them off one by one :)

At this time, I have read 57. As an English teacher, I feel slightly ashamed of that low number, but oh well. I'm not putting this on TPT because I think the "Gilmore Girls" thing is copyrighted, I have no clue, but I'm making a free list you can have :)

Enjoy reading for the next few years!! LOL

May 2, 2016

LAST Currently and HUGE TPT Sale

I am so sad to say that Farley is retiring her Currently Link Up. I have loved participating in these for the last 2 years or so. It is fun to get to meet all kinds of new bloggers, see what everyone's up to, and support each other via our blogs.

So without further ado, here is my [also] last Currently.

* To explain the ASL stuff: I am trying to test out of American Sign Language 1 and test into ASL 2 for the summer course. I took ASL a long time ago in high school and undergrad and just trying to pick it up again, but don't want to start at the bottom and pay for classes I don't need. Anyway...

ALSO...TPT is having its Teacher Appreciation Sale the 3rd-4th, and I'm joining in and making my store 20% off. And when you enter the code CELEBRATE at checkout, you'll get another 8% off! So that's a total of 28% off all my items, even the $1 ones!!!

Enjoy the sale goodies!!!