April 10, 2016

Birthday Week Giveaway!

It's my birthday week ladies and gents! That's right, I'm turning OLD ;) But I do like celebrating my birthday...who doesn't? And one of the ways I'm going to celebrate is with all y'all!
I'm going to be doing a few things on here to celebrate:

1) I'm having a sale at my TPT Store on my birthday [Thursday]

2) I'm hosting a giveaway with a few of my favorite things!! [I kind of feel like Oprah ] The giveaway will run Monday through Friday, and I'll tell y'all the winner over the weekend!

[Note:The washi tape will be different designs]

So enter here with Rafflecopter and cross your fingers for this awesome prize! :) Happy April!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My favorite book--it's too hard to figure out just one!!! I love many books across the genres. The most important book to me, and probably my all-time favorite, is the Bible! :) As for novels, I love a multitude of books and really can't pinpoint a favorite.

    My favorite way to destress is to READ!! Add some essential oils in a diffuser and you have a great destressing combination! :)

    1. The Bible is a good read :) Thanks for entering and the birthday wishes!

  2. I have not read To Kill a Mockingbird and it is on my list to read.

    1. It's AMAZING!!! And still relevant today, with everything going on in the world around us...if only everyone could read this book :) Thanks for entering and taking the time to comment :)