March 18, 2016

The Thing About Jellyfish Unit is here!

I finished!!! And just in time for my sale too!

So here's what The Thing About Jellyfish unit contains:

What I am most excited about is the Final Project. It contains 4 options that students can choose from, and lends itself to different types of students. Since the options have to be "equal" amount of work, so require more content than others. For instance, someone can choose to write a 3-4 pages [typed, double spaced] epilogue, or choose to do the Facebook assignment in which they create a profile [on paper] for the main character and have to fill out 30 posts, multiple comments, 10 likes, a few picture posts, etc. 

The project options took the longest to create because I have handouts for each, and templates/examples. There is also a Rubric to accompany the project, thus ensuring the "fair" grading of the projects. 

I've also gotten into TED Talks lately, and included one from Diana Nyad, the swimmer who swam from Cuba to Florida on her 5th try, and is mentioned in the novel. This is a great way to incorporate informational pieces into the novel study. There is a graphic organizer and a few questions to go with the talk as well.

I'm quite excited about this unit because I believe this book needs to be shared with Middle Schoolers, and this is a great way to start that. 

*I also think this book would work well with my Novel Study SmashBook, or the Literature Circle option. Either way, fit it into your class schedule :)

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