January 14, 2016

LOVE!!! To Kill A Mockingbird unit

I LOVE To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. I even read the 'sequel' this summer, and unlike many, it did not really change my opinion of Atticus.

Anyway, I first taught the novel in 2010, and loved it. I was hesitant to go through and clean it up for TPT because EVERYONE has a TKAM unit up there. But I thought, people like my other products, why wouldn't they want to try my TKAM unit too? So since I only had one half-day sub job this week [isn't it still flu season??] I decided to take a few days to clean it up and write a lesson plan outline for the unit.

So I put up my 5 week unit on TPT this afternoon :) Here are a few pics to let you know what it's about! Click here to visit my To Kill A Mockingbird Unit on TPT.

This 5 week unit plan follows Common Core Standards while helping students learn to analyze both fiction and informational texts. Currently set up for grades 9/10; EASILY adaptable to other grades' standards, as well as non-common core standards.

Unit Contains:
-­‐5 weeks of lesson plans
-­‐Introductory Webquest Project
--Introductory Power Point about author
-­‐Classwork including reading/analyzing informational texts
-­‐In class writing activities
-­‐2 Quizzes and Answer Keys
-­‐Final Exam and Answer Key
--Final Essay prompt
[Common Core standards listed on most assignments]

Both Word documents [editable] and PDF versions available. It's a 42 page unit; the 69 includes the PDF and Word versions.

So go check out my TKAM unit and enjoy!

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