January 11, 2016

Face Lift

Got your attention a little by the title, huh? Well no, I did not get a face lift, but one of my products did!

I gave a face lift, and a few minor tweaks to the actual text, to my Literature Circles Packet.

Doing a Lit Circle is one of my favorite unit plans. It's a great way to give yourself a small break [as in you're not "on" everyday teaching] but also give the students some power. Another plus-it reviews a ton of standards everyday, 5+ to be exact :)

Lit Circles are also a great opportunity to provide choice for students. Students are always complaining that they don't want to read that book. Great! Provide 3 or 4 choices and let them pick the one they'd most like to read. 

Or, how I did it, was I used Lit Circles for my Holocaust unit. There are so many wonderful and inspiring books out there; I chose 4 and let them choose and make groups. [The boys tend not to like to read Anne Frank, so this is a great alternative.]

So head on over to my TPT Store and pick up the Literature Circle Packets today, and give yourself a break!

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