December 9, 2015

New, FUN Product!!

If you look at my TPT Store, I think you'd easily figure out that I love Mad Libs. They are a great way for students to refresh their skills while having fun. Even my high schoolers love "getting a break" and completing Mad Libs. And with Mad Libs, I don't feel like I'm wasting time on a useless activity; lots of kids really do need that refresher.

So I've created two more Mad Libs for you, and put them together in a product. These are only $1...what a steal! :) Word and PDF versions available.

I've been subbing 6th grade for 10 weeks now, and it's safe to say that they need constant reminders of what figurative language is.

So the first Mad Lib is using Similes & Metaphors, and the second uses Hyperboles & Onomatopoeias.

Have fun reviewing!! Thanks for stopping by!

December 8, 2015

Winter Wonderland Mad Lib

Looking for a fun little warm up, or an activity to do on the last day before break? I created a fun little Mad Lib that is winter-themed...perfect for this month of December.

This little goodie is free on my TPT page. Just print it out, and share with the students. I usually give them about 15 minutes to do it, just so that it's a fun activity, and not a "get it done" activity.


Go to my TPT Store to download your Winter Wonderland Mad Lib

December 2, 2015

Currently-It's December!

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays! I'm so excited it is December :) I love Christmas and all things Christmas. The constant Christmas music, the cider and peppermint hot chocolate, the smell of cinnamon pine cones and Christmas trees. I love it all. :)

This is our first Christmas as a married couple, and last night we decorated our tree together...while watching Elf! I think we'll make that a tradition :)

I'm once again linking up with Farley for her Currently of the month. Thanks lady for always hosting this!

Enjoy December everyone!