September 23, 2015

Those darn germs...

It is here.

The sickness is upon me.

Those darn germs.

The 6th graders finally got to me :/

I started feeling bad on Saturday and thought maybe it was a cross contamination issue with gluten. But when I was better on Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday, I knew it wasn't that issue. Then Tuesday evening the feeling came back, along with a slight fever. And then it hit, like a ton of bricks. I just didn't feel well.

My fiance was awesome though :) Brought me Airborne and Gatorade :)

So we went to bed early and I thought I'd be ok. However, I woke up this morning and still didn't feel well. I have a "long-term" sub job so I sucked it up and went. The secretary saw immediately that I didn't look good and told me an extra sub had shown up today by mistake, and would I like to go home....uh, yeah! Such a blessing.

I came home and slept for 3 hours! And now I'm just resting, watching NCIS reruns on TV, drinking lots of water, gargling with hot salt water, taking Airborne, and resting some more.

I HAVE to go back to work tomorrow...I refuse to take another day off. So I am going to go to bed early again tonight and hope I'm better in the morning.

Think happy thoughts for me please :)


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    1. Thanks! I'm feeling better :) Still not 100%, but feeling just fine :) And now it's the weekend so hopefully I can recover a little more :) Thanks for the concern!