September 4, 2015

New Business Cards!

Hi all....coming to you from CA! I scheduled this post for while I'm in CA for my bridal shower/bachelorette weekend! :)

Anyway, with the new blog design, I decided to make new business cards as well. Yes, these are different from my subbing cards I made. Those are to hand to teachers regarding subbing; these are to promote my TPT business.

Here's the front I created:

And here is the back:
I made these myself with Word, so nothing fancy from VistaPrint or anything. Just printed them on card-stock and used a paper cutter to make sure they had straight edges :)

My old business cards didn't have a back side, or the Facebook page on it. I like these and think they'll go nicely with my blog and the substitute cards if I want to leave both :)

Hope you like them :) Does anyone else do business cards or bags or anything? I know a lot of people made stuff for the TPT Conference [I did not go], so I'm wondering what people make!

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