September 20, 2015

Adventures In Subbing Continued

Well hello everyone!

It's nice to be working again, and I hope everyone has fallen into a groove in your classroom. I am hoping to fall into a groove these next two weeks with my new "long term" two-week sub position...for the same woman I've been subbing for this last week. The kids will have then had me for 3 weeks-just as long as they've had her. It must be weird for them, poor things, and maybe that's why their behavior was a little crazy these last few days.

I'm thinking about changing her seating arrangement from table groups to rows...for the sole purpose of keeping the chatting to a minimum. I HATE rows, but I think it needs to be done for my sanity. Does anyone foresee a problem with me changing them to rows and then putting them back to tables when she returns? I could see how it might be considered stepping on her territory, but I've got these kids another two weeks and I need to get all the work done, and I think this might help. Any suggestions?

On a different note, I took a break from the 6th graders Thursday to sub at the high school [I had already taken this job before they knew she'd be out so long], and it was 10th graders...what I've been teaching the last 5 years! I was in my element and loved it! I got to talk to them like real humans and have normal conversations ;) Don't get me wrong, the 6th graders are super sweet, but something about high school is fun!

We went to our [mine really 'cus he went to three while I was home for my bridal shower] first Texas College Football game yesterday! Pretty fun :) We went to the UNT game...they were playing Rice...they lost, big time. But it was still a fun experience.

 Also side note...I made some yummy pumpkin bread [with chocolate chips] muffins this morning :) I LOVE pumpkin spice season!!!!!! I'm going to give a few to the neighbors, keep some, and maybe bring the rest to work or let the fiance take them to his work :)

Here's the recipe someone asked for:

Well, that's all I've got! I'll let you know how the two weeks thing goes, and let me know what you think about the rows idea!!!


  1. Oh, please share the recipe!! These are gluten free, right? I would love to have a good recipe for some fabulous muffins! :)

    I don't see any problem with you changing the seating. In fact, I think the teacher would be pleased to know that you did what you had to do to keep them on track so that she didn't have so much to do once she returned to school. It's a judgement call and any good teacher would want learning to occur; if changing the seating arrangement did that, then I would be grateful you did it. :)

    1. Well, I didn't have time to move the desks into rows yesterday because I was on morning duty :/ I'm doing it today though because yesterday was not good. I'll post the pic of the recipe when I get home today...I'll add it to the post :)