September 23, 2015

Those darn germs...

It is here.

The sickness is upon me.

Those darn germs.

The 6th graders finally got to me :/

I started feeling bad on Saturday and thought maybe it was a cross contamination issue with gluten. But when I was better on Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday, I knew it wasn't that issue. Then Tuesday evening the feeling came back, along with a slight fever. And then it hit, like a ton of bricks. I just didn't feel well.

My fiance was awesome though :) Brought me Airborne and Gatorade :)

So we went to bed early and I thought I'd be ok. However, I woke up this morning and still didn't feel well. I have a "long-term" sub job so I sucked it up and went. The secretary saw immediately that I didn't look good and told me an extra sub had shown up today by mistake, and would I like to go home....uh, yeah! Such a blessing.

I came home and slept for 3 hours! And now I'm just resting, watching NCIS reruns on TV, drinking lots of water, gargling with hot salt water, taking Airborne, and resting some more.

I HAVE to go back to work tomorrow...I refuse to take another day off. So I am going to go to bed early again tonight and hope I'm better in the morning.

Think happy thoughts for me please :)

September 20, 2015

Adventures In Subbing Continued

Well hello everyone!

It's nice to be working again, and I hope everyone has fallen into a groove in your classroom. I am hoping to fall into a groove these next two weeks with my new "long term" two-week sub position...for the same woman I've been subbing for this last week. The kids will have then had me for 3 weeks-just as long as they've had her. It must be weird for them, poor things, and maybe that's why their behavior was a little crazy these last few days.

I'm thinking about changing her seating arrangement from table groups to rows...for the sole purpose of keeping the chatting to a minimum. I HATE rows, but I think it needs to be done for my sanity. Does anyone foresee a problem with me changing them to rows and then putting them back to tables when she returns? I could see how it might be considered stepping on her territory, but I've got these kids another two weeks and I need to get all the work done, and I think this might help. Any suggestions?

On a different note, I took a break from the 6th graders Thursday to sub at the high school [I had already taken this job before they knew she'd be out so long], and it was 10th graders...what I've been teaching the last 5 years! I was in my element and loved it! I got to talk to them like real humans and have normal conversations ;) Don't get me wrong, the 6th graders are super sweet, but something about high school is fun!

We went to our [mine really 'cus he went to three while I was home for my bridal shower] first Texas College Football game yesterday! Pretty fun :) We went to the UNT game...they were playing Rice...they lost, big time. But it was still a fun experience.

 Also side note...I made some yummy pumpkin bread [with chocolate chips] muffins this morning :) I LOVE pumpkin spice season!!!!!! I'm going to give a few to the neighbors, keep some, and maybe bring the rest to work or let the fiance take them to his work :)

Here's the recipe someone asked for:

Well, that's all I've got! I'll let you know how the two weeks thing goes, and let me know what you think about the rows idea!!!

September 13, 2015

My First Subbing Experience [& PSL is back!]

Well it finally happened; actually sooner than I was thinking it would. I got my first sub first FIVE actually. Weird for the first two weeks or so of September!

Anyway, I got back from CA Tuesday night, then had to take my fiance to the airport Wednesday morning, so I saw him for all of 10 hours...7 of which we were sleeping. Oh well :) So Wednesday was raining and fabulously fall feeling, so I got a #PSL and headed home to watch my DVRd shows and do some laundry from the trip and such. It was a glorious day :)

Thursday I woke up, took a shower, and finished writing thank you notes and working on making a Shutterfly album of my shower weekend :) Then I said, what the heck, I'll check and see if there's any jobs available [even though I had checked 20 times yesterday]...this was at 11:30. There was a job!!! For 11:45! Good thing the school is 2 blocks away, literally.

So I threw on some make-up, tried to find some work pants that fit, and headed there at 11:45 on the dot. I didn't have time to worry or stress or freak out about it. It happened so fast that I just went in and got to work.

This job was for a 6th grade ELA class. I felt ok taking the job because I have an English credential, and I had done 7th & 8th my first two years of teaching...back when I had more energy ;)

So 6th graders are a lot more squirmy than I thought they would be. I don't know what I thought they would be, but I didn't think they'd be THAT squirmy :) But they were super cute and eager to please.

Then toward the end of the day, the VP came in and asked if I could sub for her again tomorrow [Friday], and of course I said yes! Friday turned out to be a little more than I bargained for in regards to a student situation, but everything turned out ok in the end. Turns out I'll be subbing for her Monday and Tuesday too!!! Woo hoo for work!

Then just yesterday, I picked up a half-day job for a high school English class! My comfort zone ;) So I'm excited about that too :) I'm wondering if these early jobs are just flukes, or if it will be steady jobs from here out...??

OH! And my substitute business cards arrived Friday while I was at I'll be bringing a few to the middle school for the front office, and I'll be leaving one for the teacher. The notepad was SUPER disappointing. I really thought it was's really small :( I'll barely be able to write much on it...oh well.

Thanks for reading everyone!!!

September 4, 2015

New Business Cards!

Hi all....coming to you from CA! I scheduled this post for while I'm in CA for my bridal shower/bachelorette weekend! :)

Anyway, with the new blog design, I decided to make new business cards as well. Yes, these are different from my subbing cards I made. Those are to hand to teachers regarding subbing; these are to promote my TPT business.

Here's the front I created:

And here is the back:
I made these myself with Word, so nothing fancy from VistaPrint or anything. Just printed them on card-stock and used a paper cutter to make sure they had straight edges :)

My old business cards didn't have a back side, or the Facebook page on it. I like these and think they'll go nicely with my blog and the substitute cards if I want to leave both :)

Hope you like them :) Does anyone else do business cards or bags or anything? I know a lot of people made stuff for the TPT Conference [I did not go], so I'm wondering what people make!

Share Away!!

September 2, 2015

Currently: September 2015

Another official beginning to a new school year- September! August is like the prep month, and even if you have the kids for a couple of days, September is when you really feel like the school year has started :)

Once again, I'm linking up with Farley's Currently. I love seeing all the people that link up, and I often find someone new to follow!

Don't forget the Rule of 3! Comment on the 2 people before you, and the 1 after you :)

I'm going back to Cali tomorrow for my bachelorette/bridal shower weekend!!!! It will be so nice to see my family and friends again, and I know we'll have so much fun. My sister and mom have been working really hard to give me a memorable time :)

Happy September everyone!

PS- It's Pumpkin Spice time!!!!!!!!!!!