August 17, 2015

You Asked For It...

So here you go!

Informational Text Analysis Activities!!!! So excited to have this product available for y'all :)

Whether you use Common Core at your school or not, it is important to teach students how to analyze informational texts. So I have compiled some different texts, and created 2 different analysis handout versions you can use to analyze the text.

As you can see, 3 of the texts are historical, and 2 are modern, pulling from the New York Times' Room for Debate page. These will create some buy-in to the activity: one is about sports, and the other is about Internet addiction.

The two different handout options also allow you to choose which is best for your student population. If you teach the middle school level, you may want to use the one with pictures for some more buy-in. If you're teaching Seniors, you may want to get to the nitty gritty and go for the more basic of the handouts. Either way, your students will be interacting with the text in new and challenging ways.

Here's a glimpse of one of the articles [sports]:

And then students use one of the handouts to analyze the text. They'll be asked to give a brief summary of the article, relate the text to the world, relate the text to another text, find & explain rhetorical devices, and relate the text to themselves. This gives students a well-rounded view of the article and helps them see the importance of informational texts.

I have done something similar with my students last year, and it really challenged them to look at the text a different way, and through multiple lenses. I hope you enjoy it! Head on over to my TPT Store to download now :)

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