August 2, 2015

TPT Back To School Sale! August 3 & 4

Is it that time already? Back to School?! Well I know not everyone is excited about it; if you're in the Fort Worth area and want to take a day off right away, I'd be happy to sub for you ;) LOL

Anyway, I'm joining TPT in their site-wide sale of 20% off; but, if you use the code at checkout, you'll get 28% off all my products!!!! Huge deal :) Just use "bts15" for 28% off at checkout! :)

So head on over to my TPT Store today, do a little preview shopping and make a list of all the items you'd like to purchase to help make your teaching experience a little bit easier this year :)

May I suggest a cute lesson planner/sub planner like this one?

Or how 'bout start the school year off with a great writing unit, combined with the Smashbook project as homework, that will really refresh their writing memories and keep you from pulling your hair out when grading essays ? :)

So have fun browsing all the Back to School Sale products...and don't forget Back to School'll need these little apples to help you get what you need for your classroom...for free from parents! It comes with blank apples as well so you can type in whatever else you'd like!

Happy Back to School!!!

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