August 14, 2015

The Waiting Game

I hate waiting. I'm very impatient ;)

I got my fingerprinting done yesterday, and dropped off the form with HR. By the way, fingerprinting in Texas is different than fingerprinting in California. For one, they took my picture, for two, it was at a gun range/shooting range place. In CA it was at an agency or notary office building, not a gun range :) But at least it's done.

So now it's the waiting game. Waiting to get approved. Waiting to get my Sub ID #. Then waiting to get a job. I'm not expecting a job the first couple of weeks, but it would be nice to get some income rolling! It's just weird not having my own classroom.

I talked to some friends at my old school, and they were telling me about the first day back, who got my room, why did I leave my Donor's Choose doc cam? All that stuff. Made me miss them and teaching.

I've never subbed before. I know it will be different than teaching; less stressful I hope :) But I'm just anxious to get back out there :)

So for now, I'll keep working on TPT stuff, and I'm going to start making some items for subs too.

Let's pray I get approved soon...then at least I can make my cute notepad and business cards :)

Until next post! :)


  1. I'm not a good waiter either. The waiting game always makes me a tad bit anxious. :) Now I'm curious...why did you leave your doc cam? Through Donor's Choose, that is your doc cam to take with you to your classroom, wherever and whenever that might be! But I'm sure you had a reason. Just like anxiousness, I'm not good at curiosity either. HA! :)

    Can't wait to see your TpT stuff rolling out!


    1. I left the doc cam because at one point the director sent out an email that Donors Choose changed their policy and that products now belonged to the classroom, not the teacher. I think maybe he was trying to use it as a way to get stuff for the school...since I'm subbing, it would just be sitting in my garage this year...and that's not helping anyone :/ If I get another full time job at a school without one, I'll just do another Donors Choose :)