August 11, 2015

Substitute Notepad & Business Card

I like doing fun "work" I'm working on designing my substitute notepad and business card :)

I think I've found the one I'm going with...not the typical apple notepad ;) I can't order them yet because I need to wait to get assigned my Sub ID # so I can put it on the notepad and card.

I'm also putting my new last name on it, because I don't want to do two different orders, so I'm putting my maiden name and my new last name :) I'm getting married in Oct [have I mentioned that before? ;)] so I figure that's close enough to the beginning of the school year to put the new name on the notepad and card.

Here's the design I'm thinking:


I still need the sub # for the notepad...

Front of business card: [still need sub #]

And back of business card:

I haven't ordered them yet, obviously, so what do you think? I personally love them :) Should I put the "7 years experience" bit?


  1. I love that idea. When I was a sub, I had business cards too. I added my cell phone number (Google Voice) and my email address so they could contact me about dates ahead of time, or email me plans ahead of time.

  2. I like the 7 years experience bit, but I'm wondering if they will know that the 7 years is in actual teaching and not subbing. I know the difference because I follow your blog, but I'm wondering if someone who doesn't know you will??? I know that you put your CA Credentialed info, but honestly, that is not how we talk in Mississippi--will Texas teachers know that means you are a certified teacher? Just a few thoughts!


    p.s. The card and notepad are GORGEOUS!

    1. Mmmmm, good point. I thought about that too. I do want it to be clear that it is teaching experience. I'll fix it tomorrow :) Thanks Rebecca!

  3. I would say "Certified English Teacher, California License" so they know you are certified. Looks great!

    1. Thanks for the advice :) You don't think saying I have a CA credential is the same language as certified? Just don't want to sound redundant :)

  4. PS- I've been reading your blog all year--love it! I just started my own teaching blog in June:
    That's the same name as my TpT store ;)