August 20, 2015

For the days you just can't...

Ever had a day where you wake up and just can't? You just feel miserable and can't imagine teaching...but you didn't feel like this yesterday, so of course, there are no lesson plans all typed up and ready to go. Ideally, we'd have everything readily available so that a sub could teach our actual lesson, but sometime that just isn't feasible. So I think this is a pretty good solution :)

Well have no fear! I've got you covered with my standards-based  Substitute Teacher Lesson Plan Filler Pack!

I was thinking the other day as a sub, what am I going to do if the teacher doesn't leave anything? With nothing to do, that is when trouble can break out.

So I created a pack of emergency lesson plans I could bring with me for when I sub in an English or History class and there aren't any plans left. These plans are standards-based, so you won't be wasting a day with a movie or what not :) I'm going to put them in a binder and bring it with me every time, just in case. Then if I need to, make copies so the students have something to do :)

If anyone out there is subbing, this would be a great idea for you to bring with you. And if you're a teacher, leave this binder on your desk at all times so you can just ask the secretary to tell the sub to pick one! :)

Here is an example where students are asked to analyze a speech, using close reading techniques.

There are 6 activities total, in both Word and PDF format, along with a binder cover and binder spines. I think this is a great solution for the days you just can't :)