August 4, 2015

ELA Standards available!

I spent most of today making two new products! I wanted to get them up on TPT while the sale was still going so you could take advantage of the reduced price :)

I know that a lot of teachers keep track of the standards they cover, either for personal use or because their school requires it. I thought I'd make a great checklist for you with everything in one place and easy to access.

I also made sure it could be something like an "add on" to the Lesson Planners/Teacher Binders I sell. Everything will still be in the same theme that way :)

So here's what I did:
For Grades 9/10, there's a 10 pages checklist of all ELA Common Core Standards, and 7 different cover options to choose from :)
Each cover option, or page divider if you will, goes with one of the 7 themed Planners I sell.

I did the same thing for Grades 11/12 as well...a separate item to purchase.
I made the main photo look a little different for the different grades :)

They're only $1.50 on my TPT Store, but today only they're another 28% off!

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