July 22, 2015

Wonderful Idea...Wednesday

Blogging two days in a row?! What?  :)

I'm joining up with Freebielicious again for thier link up party for sharing some wonderful ideas!

While post of the people linking up are in elementary school, I'm hoping people will still check my post out because I think this idea could easily be adapted for elementary school too :)

With the beginning of the year coming up, I have a great idea to share. At the beginning of the year, most middle school and high school teachers spend the first day or two going over the syllabus and what not; mostly because we don't have time to spare.

Well I found that taking the first day to do introduction type games and "have fun" is a great way to build a rapport with the kids, that will allow for easier classroom management and better buy-in down the road.

So here is my Wonderful Idea [it's two actually, but who cares]:
Icebreakers that Middle School and High School kids will do [I've tested them]. My favorite is the Find Someone Who BINGO!
This guy is FREE over at my TPT Store, so here's the link!

It takes about 15 minutes by the time the kids fill out the squares and play the game until someone has BINGO. They get really into it, which is funny. When someone wins, I verify the choice with the name out-loud in front of the class, that way we all learn things too :) You could do a prize for the winner; I usually do a piece of candy :/ Bad teacher, I know ;)

I also have a ton of other wonderful Icebreakers activities in my Icebreakers Packet if you'd like more tried and true ideas :)

This candy introduction is pretty good too. A little slower-paced, they sit at their desk, but still "fun" because they get candy ;) I switched from M&Ms to skittles because it was hot last year and I didn't want the M&Ms to melt. But, you have less color options with skittles, so your call :) If you're short on time, each student can get 2 pieces of candy instead of 4 :)

So I hope you enjoyed my Wonderful Idea Wednesday and maybe use these in your classroom this year! [Another idea, it's fun to do another icebreaker at the beginning of second semester too, just to get everyone together again.]

Thanks for stopping by!

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