July 24, 2015

Fun Friday!

Last day of the week-long linky :) Thanks for Freebielicious for once again hosting a fun linky!

Today's post is Fun Friday...what fun things do you do in the classroom?

I have two favorite fun activities I do during our units. The first comes with our Cry, The Beloved Country unit. A character in the book is given an unfair trial, and so as a class, we give him a real trial! We pick a defense team, a prosecution team, and witnesses. I act as the judge/jury.

Here is the direction sheet that I give them :)

The kids get REALLY into the trial. They have fun and learn at the same time...WIN!

The other fun activity I do is the Renaissance Faire. It is probably one of my favorite activities that we do, especially since I participated in them as a student too :)
It is sooooo much fun! The kids make booths, and games, and food. There's archery, sword-fighting, cornhole, and much more. Here's a few pics to check out: 

So many more pictures, but students' faces were in them and it's hard to cover those up without making them look so silly :/

Well I hope you enjoyed some of the fun things I do in the classroom...please feel free to comment with some of the fun things you do in your classroom!!


  1. Wow! What memorable events for your students! Those are the activities they will remember and tell stories about later in life. :)
    -Emily http://mrsmcreativeteaching.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you! Hopefully they will remember them...I know I did :) Thanks for stopping by my blog :)