May 12, 2015

Testing Week Has Begun

Hi y'all. You guys know I teach high school, and I'm sure you all know that Common Core only tests in certain grades. We test 11th graders to be specific.

Even though I teach 10th grade, I am still proctoring the 11th grade test today and tomorrow. I've got a small group of 18 kids in a room I'm testing. I can not reveal anything regarding the test specifically, but I will share this:

The technology and stuff is working just fine, and the site is working well too.

However, I have kids who have been finished with part one of the test for OVER AN HOUR now...and are just sitting here bored out of their minds...while kids in other classrooms are still working. Apparently we [all] can't take a break until ALL classrooms report being done because apparently we all have to take a break at the same time.

Then give us a scheduled time like the old testing system! Then those few random kids that aren't done can go to a special room to finish up their testing.

Literally can't take a break because 2 students aren't done with the test....seems a little outrageous to me.

Anyone other schools having this problem?? How is your school handling it?

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