May 21, 2015

Second Lesson Planner Theme for 2015!!

Here is another fun Lesson Planner and Sub Binder theme for the 2015-2016 school year! I kept the Black and White as the base, but changed the pink to blue, changed the design, and the fonts :) I made this one for all my male teacher friends out there, but obviously it's open to everyone!! Let's face it, not everyone is into pink ;)

Black, White, & Blue Lesson Planner & Sub Binder:

This Lesson Planner has 28 pages of great information, including:
-Front and Back Cover
-2015-2016 Monthly Calendars
-Several Divider pages, including a new divider page for Standards
-Lesson Planning pages
-To Do lists

The Sub Binder is 13 pages, including:
-Front and Back Cover
-Welcome page and letter
-Several Divider pages, including Classroom Policies, Emergency Plan, Attendance, etc.
Both the Planner and the Sub Binder come in Word and PDF so that you can edit if you'd like. Or, you do could a combination of PDF and Word if you only want to change or add a few pages.
So head on over to my TPT Store and enjoy this great new Planner set! :)

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