May 8, 2015

Peer Editing

Happy Rainy Friday to you all! I'm so excited for the rain...we need it here in CA. And I got to wear my new rain boots!
They are from, and I got them in "Mint" to bring a fun pop of color on a rainy day :)

Anyway, so today my 10th graders are doing some peer editing of their Cry, The Beloved Country argument paper. I mix up all the time how we peer edit. Sometimes we have a checklist, sometimes we have a fill in the blank sheet where they write down the exact sentence according to the directions, etc. 

Today we are using highlighters and reading aloud.
For Round 1, we got into partners and took turns reading an essay aloud. The other person would listen, and stop the reader when something sounded awkward or out of place. Then they would come up with a solution for how to fix the error.

We switch papers each round, that way the paper gets looked at by 4 or 5 different eyes. The rest of the rounds are done independently. 

This is just one of the ways I do peer editing. Gets the students a little more involved, and the reading aloud is a HUGE eye opener :)

What are some of the ways y'all do peer editing? Or do you even do it anymore?

Have a great weekend!!

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