April 6, 2015

Parent-Teacher Conferences again!

It's that time in between quarters where we hold parent-teacher conferences. Not sure the logic behind holding conferences after grades are due...I would think having them 2-3 weeks before grades are due would be ideal. Anyway, at least we can talk about what they can do to succeed in the next quarter.

I made this Parent-Teacher conference sheet last year, and it's come in handy...reminding me to start with the good, and end with good :) Even if the kid drives you nuts..."He is so great at being at school everyday!" :)

Feel free to download for FREE from my TPT Store and use at your conferences. If anything, it's a great guideline to start a discussion; especially with those parents that just come in to talk about their kid, with no real purpose :)

Happy Monday!


  1. I had my first round of parent-teacher conferences for my first year of teaching AFTER they got their 1st quarter grades. What logic is that?! This sheet would definitely be helpful!

    1. Yeah! I just do NOT get the logic on that :/ Oh well...Hope you can use this next time :)