April 13, 2015


Life is a funny thing isn't it? So many things going on at once, trying to make sure we keep up with our life an our teaching life.

With so many things going on, it's easy to get caught up in one or another. Sometimes we just need a break and need to make sure we're taking care of ourselves. I got sick last week, had to take one day off, moved this past weekend, and am still not 100%, so I had to take today off too. Except that I have to go coach our softball game at 4...but at least I got to sleep in a little...a little.

I stayed home and did grading this morning, entered grades, downloaded kids' assignments that they emailed me because they were absent Friday, and still had to unpack a little this morning.

On a fun note...I got our free Shutterfly book in the mail today!!! When I bought my wedding dress last month at David's Bridal, I got a code for a free book, so I used our engagement pictures to make a fun book! [The code expired before our wedding date so I decided to make the engagement book]

And on another fun note...it's my birthday tomorrow!!! So I've decided to throw a sale on my TPT Store to celebrate! :) 10% off for everyone! ;) So enjoy the sale tomorrow, April 14th, to get some great products for your classroom :)

Take care everyone!


  1. I was just about to ask to see an engagement picture when I noticed that you have posted one...minus the hubs to be, of course! :) Beautiful pic! :)


    1. Aww, yeah. Gonna keep him out of it for a little while because of his job :)