April 28, 2015

Assembly Overload!

Hey y'all!

Do you suffer from assembly overload? It just seems like every week we are having a different assembly. I posted a few pictures from last week when Philip Rivers [Chargers QB] came to our school to give a motivational talk. That was very cool, but also cut my classes by 15 minutes. We've got another one this Friday though...so I think this is our 3rd week in a row :/

In Oct/Nov, it seemed like we have a Friday assembly every week those months...Pep Rallly for a football game, Homecoming [announcing the theme], then Homecoming [announcing Prince & Princesses and Senior Court], and all sorts of assemblies.

I understand we want to build community within our school, and I am all for that. But must we have so many assemblies?? I am losing precious class time. "We need our students to do well on this test, etc"...so give me more class time then ;) I'm fine with once a month...that I can handle. But we've had soooooo many assemblies! What can we do?

Have you guys had experience in this area? Any tips on how to approach it with admin/ASB? A lot of the teachers are fed up, and we'd love a positive way to bring up this subject :) Anything would be appreciated! Thanks!

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!


  1. My 9th period class ALWAYS gets chopped because of assemblies. Sometimes its easier to just prolong units when that happens and give them "busy" work. I know I am missing half of my 8th period class on Friday because of a chorus rehearsal and a bunch of them next week too!

    1. Ah yes....and always missing those kids that have to leave early to prep for the assembly. My favorite is when they come the next day and don't have their work done :) LOL Good luck with all yours on Friday!