April 30, 2015

What do you want??

Hi everyone!!!

I am going to be making some new resources soon, and want to know what you're looking for? Do you need any unit plans? Individual lesson plans?

I will be updating all my Teacher Planners for the 15-16 school year, and will make one or two new designs...any suggestions? I was thinking a sports-themed one for the male teachers out there...or anyone really :)

Any books you're teaching that you wants some ideas for? ANYTHING!

Let me know what you want! :)

Thanks everyone! Happy Thursday!

April 28, 2015

Assembly Overload!

Hey y'all!

Do you suffer from assembly overload? It just seems like every week we are having a different assembly. I posted a few pictures from last week when Philip Rivers [Chargers QB] came to our school to give a motivational talk. That was very cool, but also cut my classes by 15 minutes. We've got another one this Friday though...so I think this is our 3rd week in a row :/

In Oct/Nov, it seemed like we have a Friday assembly every week those months...Pep Rallly for a football game, Homecoming [announcing the theme], then Homecoming [announcing Prince & Princesses and Senior Court], and all sorts of assemblies.

I understand we want to build community within our school, and I am all for that. But must we have so many assemblies?? I am losing precious class time. "We need our students to do well on this test, etc"...so give me more class time then ;) I'm fine with once a month...that I can handle. But we've had soooooo many assemblies! What can we do?

Have you guys had experience in this area? Any tips on how to approach it with admin/ASB? A lot of the teachers are fed up, and we'd love a positive way to bring up this subject :) Anything would be appreciated! Thanks!

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!

April 23, 2015

Getting students involved...Mock Trial

I LOVE doing the mock trial lesson. The kids get so into it, and it's a great way to get kids involved. Even if they don't "like school" EVERY kid gets into this assignment. They get to argue; they get to disagree; etc.

We read the book Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton in 10th grade English. In the novel, a character accidentally kills someone, but because he is black in South Africa, he does not receive a fair trial. So we give him one! The kids use the book as evidence and get really into it...so great!!

I give them a direction sheet, and the order the trial will go in. They get several days to plan, and they will get to ask witnesses questions and such. I am the judge/jury :)

This is the graphic organizer I give them to prepare :)

If you're reading this book, and want to do this, just check out my unit plan for CTBC!

April 13, 2015


Life is a funny thing isn't it? So many things going on at once, trying to make sure we keep up with our life an our teaching life.

With so many things going on, it's easy to get caught up in one or another. Sometimes we just need a break and need to make sure we're taking care of ourselves. I got sick last week, had to take one day off, moved this past weekend, and am still not 100%, so I had to take today off too. Except that I have to go coach our softball game at 4...but at least I got to sleep in a little...a little.

I stayed home and did grading this morning, entered grades, downloaded kids' assignments that they emailed me because they were absent Friday, and still had to unpack a little this morning.

On a fun note...I got our free Shutterfly book in the mail today!!! When I bought my wedding dress last month at David's Bridal, I got a code for a free book, so I used our engagement pictures to make a fun book! [The code expired before our wedding date so I decided to make the engagement book]

And on another fun note...it's my birthday tomorrow!!! So I've decided to throw a sale on my TPT Store to celebrate! :) 10% off for everyone! ;) So enjoy the sale tomorrow, April 14th, to get some great products for your classroom :)

Take care everyone!

April 6, 2015

Parent-Teacher Conferences again!

It's that time in between quarters where we hold parent-teacher conferences. Not sure the logic behind holding conferences after grades are due...I would think having them 2-3 weeks before grades are due would be ideal. Anyway, at least we can talk about what they can do to succeed in the next quarter.

I made this Parent-Teacher conference sheet last year, and it's come in handy...reminding me to start with the good, and end with good :) Even if the kid drives you nuts..."He is so great at being at school everyday!" :)

Feel free to download for FREE from my TPT Store and use at your conferences. If anything, it's a great guideline to start a discussion; especially with those parents that just come in to talk about their kid, with no real purpose :)

Happy Monday!

April 2, 2015

April Currently...on Spring Break!

That's right! I'm on Spring Break! Well, it's almost over, but I'm still enjoying the days I have left. Can't believe it's April already! So many good things happening in April: Mom's birthday, my birthday, engagement photos, and so much more!

Without further ado, here is my April currently from Farley!

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! And happy Easter :)