March 24, 2015

Midterms-To Give or Not To Give?

Hey everyone in blogging land! As most of you know, I teach at a school that goes by semesters, not a year-long class. So I teach the same thing 2x a year, with two different sets of kids. I've been teaching here for 5 years, so I've taught English 10 TEN TIMES!!!!! It's like I've been teaching for 10 years, just at this school! LOL

Anyway, we are coming up on Midterms here before Spring Break next week! Woot woot! I can't wait :) So I don't really do Midterm tests.

The way I structure my class is that we take a unit test after each I don't really feel the need for a Midterm. What do you guys think?

I'm thinking about maybe making a really long paragraph with mistakes and roots in it and have them fix it. So it's not a huge, long test, but it covers skills we've been working on the last semester. Do you think this is enough to justify giving it to them? Maybe I won't even grade it, but just use it to see where they're assessment of sorts.

Let me know what you think and enjoy your Spring Break!!!!!


  1. I'm not a fan of midterms (or any tests, really) just for the sake of giving tests. Though I do have teacher friends who are required to give them. Back when I did a long-term sub job at a large suburban school, I was required to administer and awful midterm that I had no part in creating. The kids bombed it. I felt awful. It was a department-created assessment that I had never seen because I was only there for three weeks before giving it.

    In my current position, I do not give tests at all, except for the state test in 11th grade and the ones required for our APPR at the beginning and end of the year.

    However, having said that, it will be changing next year. Due to a grant, we will be creating assessments to serve as baseline, midterm, and summative. the purpose, according to the grant, is to use them for data to drive our instruction. Some teachers have already said they will also be factoring them into their grades. I haven't decided whether or not I want to do that yet.

    1. Interesting. We made benchmark tests [sounds like your next year's assessments] a few years ago, and I haven't found them to be too helpful. I think we already know what our students' levels are and what they know and what we need to cover again :/ but oh well... I did end up giving a little 20 question "midterm" on spelling/grammar and roots. I just wanted to see where they were at. :)