March 1, 2015

Currently March

Yes February is a short month, but man that month flew by! Softball season has officially started [we had tryouts last week] and I'm looking forward to practices to see what these new girls can do! CIF Champs here we come!!

Once again, I'm going up with Farley to participate in the monthly Currently. So without further ado, here's March!

I am not the most patient person, so this last month has been a practice of that in more ways than one. We'll see what happens, and hopefully it happens soon :) Fingers crossed everyone! 

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget Farley's rule of 3 :)


  1. Waiting on the decisions of others is the worst! I hate putting my plans on hold until I know certain things. I hope things get decided soon for you. Good Luck with softball!!!

    Heidi Neels
    Flipping for First

    1. It is annoying :( Thanks for the support!

  2. Oh, I hate having decisions up in the air and waiting on others. I hope it all settles out sooner rather than letter.
    Artistry of Education