January 28, 2015

Starting Semester 2 off Right!

Well I can't believe it's already Semester 2!!! I have successfully taught a whole year of English 10 in a semester, and everyone survived ;) So yesterday, Tuesday, I got a whole new set of students for Semester 2, and I will also teach them a year of English in a semester. that's what you get with accelerated schools :)

Normally I start out the year with building the marshmallow tower on day one; but this year, I didn't have the energy to sort out the piles of toothpicks and marshmallows, nor make rice-krispies for treats. So this semester, I pulled out my Ice-Breakers packet and used several of those activities for the first day of school.

I started out with the Get to Know you Bingo game. Super fun and the kids were forced to interact with each other :)

Then I mixed it up with a sitting down game using Skittles from my Ice-Breakers packet:

We then played the game where you take off one shoe, throw it in the pile, and they have 45 seconds to find their shoe, untangle it, and put it back on correctly. Smelly, but funny to watch :)

Then we did one final game before going over the syllabus. This game I call Elbows to Elbows. It involves a lot of moving around and grouping up with people and it's super fun :)

Overall, the first day went really well. The kids had a "fun" first day of the semester/class, but we still had time to go over the syllabus, which is helpful for me :)

Hope you all have a good second semester!!!

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