January 7, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesday

Hello blogging friends. Today I am starting something that I hope I will do once or twice a month: Quick Tip Tuesday [I got the name idea from my new favorite organizing blog: I heart Organizing]. Mine will be focused on quick tips for the classroom; things that are easy to implement and will save you time/energy.

Today's Quick Tip comes from today's personal experience: one where I wasn't feeling well, but had to go in to school anyway until they found a sub :/

Keep a Sub Binder on your desk at all times. 

This will serve soooooo many purposes:
1) This Sub Binder contains all sorts of pertinent information that will be helpful to someone new coming into your classroom. I have a welcome page, which just gives them a brief overview of me and how I run my classroom.

2) The Sub binder lists out your classroom expectations so that they know things like how you handle the bathroom, phones in class, etc. 
3) It contains Lesson Plans! If you know you're going to be out, type up your lesson plan and add it to the binder. If it's a last minute thing and you have no way to get plans to the school, have a "sub plan" lesson plan. I usually have a lesson that is easy for a sub to lead [maybe all they need to do is make copies of a worksheet or something-which an office aid can do]. Always keep that in your Sub Binder so that they can just pull it out if need be :)

Here are a few of the Sub Binder options I carry:
Turquoise Arrow Lesson Planner & Sub Binder
Bootcamp Theme Lesson Planner & Sub Binder
Gold Polka Dot Lesson Planner & Sub Binder

Just print these bad boys out and stick in a folder or put in sheet protectors and into a binder! I hope this Quick Tip is helpful...or provides you with a branch-off idea that better suits your classroom :)


  1. I created my sub binder a few years ago and I love it! makes planning for a sub so much easier as I can state "refer to sub binder" for so many procedures and expectations.

    1. Isn't it awesome?! I love being able to just pull that out and set it on my desk, or text another teacher [on an unexpected absence day] and have them set it on my desk for me :) Thanks for commenting!