January 13, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesday: Handout Management

It's Tuesday again, so that means I'm going to offer another Quick Tip! This tip relates to handouts...the millions of handouts we pass around all the time...and a convenient way to package them up neatly.

At the beginning of each semester [we are an accelerated program so we do a year's worth of English in a semester] I hand out my Tips & Tools Packet. This packet contains all the important handouts that will benefit the students throughout the class, and that they'll constantly be referring to.

Tips & Tools Packet in the arrow theme

This packet contains:
-A supply list
-MLA format
-MLA quote insertion
-Turning 1st person into 3rd person
-How to Annotate

Here are 2 example pages:

Whenever students have MLA questions, I tell them to look at their Tips & Tools Packet. Whenever they have annotation questions-Tips & Tools Packet. And whenever they have 1st or 2nd person issues in their academic papers, I tell them to look...you guessed it...in their Tips & Tools Packet. So helpful and saves me time!

Hope this tip saves you time too!

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