January 15, 2015

Ideas Notebook

Every now and then I get some good ideas ;) I usually write them down on a sticky note, or a notepad, or some random piece of paper. I try to keep them together, I've even bought a notepad to try to consolidate them...nothing ever really stood out.

I just needed something inspiring, creative, and useful to keep my ideas in place. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that is just paper...so I went to Target and bought a Five-Star notebook for $2.99 [white cover]  and decorated it with sharpies and a few scrapbook doodads :)

Here's my finished "Ideas" notebook!!

I'm loving black and gold lately!! I think I'm going to use it for Blog ideas and Teaching ideas...maybe separate it into two sections with a cute divider or ribbon placeholder.

Have fun making your own Ideas Notebook and get inspired!!!!! :)

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