January 24, 2015

Grammar Warm Up Packet

Let's talk about daily warm ups. Let's talk about mixing up our daily warm ups.

Normally, I do Greek/Latin roots as my warm up. They get one root word a day, they write it down, come up with an example word, and then we share out and they write down other people's ideas. Every two weeks [10 root words] we have a quiz in which they have to locate the root[s] within the words within a sentence. It's a great warm up and is helpful for SAT prep, CAHSEE prep, and life in general when having trouble deciphering a word.

However, I just started teaching a 2.5/3 week Argument Writing unit at the beginning of the school year/semester. I thought that during this time, I'd focus on writing related warm ups. I didn't want to do your basic worksheet with where's the noun, and how do you use a comma. I wanted something that was relevant to their writing, but would also keep their interests.

So I  created a 10-day [for me that 2 school weeks and 2 days -we meet 4 days a week in the classroom] grammar packet that contain ten different paragraphs from MODERN young adult novels! I took a paragraph from each novel, made some errors, and the students have to find the errors.

I used such novels as: Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, The Giver, etc. [I know The Giver isn't necessarily modern, but it was just made into a movie, drawing in a whole new generation.] I think this will make grammar warm ups a little more fun, don't you?

Here's a few examples of what the packet contains:

So if you too are interested in mixing up your warm ups for a week or two, head on over to my TPT Store and pick up this great Grammar Warm Up Packet :)

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