December 13, 2014

Renaissance Faire...come rain or shine!

Every semester we have our Renaissance Faire to prepare for the Shakespeare unit. The students do research, dress up, make/play games, bake, and have fun. I've done this for a few years now, Fall Semester and then again Spring Semester with my new set of kids-never once has it rained. So we have the faire outside and there's room and it's fun.

This year, it rained. It only rained one day in like 2 weeks, and it was on the day of the faire. So like any teacher, I adapted. I emptied out my classroom and that became the space for our faire. [The rec room was being used for our Holiday concert assembly, so I couldn't reserve it :/]

Anyway, it was still fun...smelly and hot, but still fun :) And 3 or 4 teachers each period brought their students over to be faire-goers, so that was really cool for the my students because they had lots of people to play their games, eat their food, and so on.

I only had time to take a few pics this year:
Teaching students how to play Quoits. My students are the ones dressed up ;)

Drinks at the far end, meats and cheeses, desserts, and Hot Cross Buns! :)

We all had a good time, and in the end, the rain didn't stop us!

If you're interested in holding a Renaissance Faire for your kids, head on over to my TPT Store and download the Renaissance Faire Unit and enjoy!

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