December 21, 2014

14 in '14

As we head into the week of Christmas, this will be quite the week. I am leaving tomorrow for Christmas in Tennessee!!! Crazy :) I wanted to squeeze in one last blog entry before I leave, and this is the perfect one! I love link-ups and this is a good one :) So I'm linking up with A Teeny Tiny Teacher do participate in the 14 in 14 link up for the end of 2014.

14. Favorite Quote
I don't really have a favorite, but here's one that I've been ascribing to lately: Follow your arrow, wherever it may point.

13. Favorite Article of Clothing
I love boots and jackets and purses, oh my!! Right now my favorite item of clothing is my new "leather" jacket from H&M, a tan/caramel color :) I can't find it online anymore, but just know it's awesome :)

12. Favorite Movie You Watched [I'm assuming in 2014]
There's been some good's always so difficult to choose! I am, however, going to go with the 2nd Captain America movie-Winter Soldier. It has sentimental value too ;)

11. Favorite TV Series
I'm torn. I really like The Big Bang Theory, but I'm also liking two new shows: Madam Secretary and Scorpion. Watch them ;)

10. Favorite Restaurant
Teri's's our go-to place. Always great food and plenty of gluten-free options for me :)

9. Favorite New Thing That You Tried
Hmmmm.....Road-tripping. We've done 2 now and I'm really liking it...shocking.

8. Favorite Gift You Received
Sounds cheesy, but time off to visit with my nephew. He's growing up so fast and it's nice to have time to see him every now and then.

7. Favorite thing you've Pinned
My new hair color! Well, we're in transition to it now and it will rock!!!

Now if only mine will hurry up and get this long!

6. Favorite blog post
I recently stumbled onto a new blog called I heart Organizing, and I love it! I found a post about a Command Center with making a large calendar and putting it in a frame and using whiteboard markers and such...awesome! I have it all made and now all I have to do is put it up when I get back from my trip!

5. Favorite Accomplishment
I'd have to say getting my Teachers Pay Teachers store running well. I am very proud of all my items and units that I put up on my store. I've worked really hard on it for a little over a year now, and it's starting to pay off and I'm really proud of that!

4. Favorite Photo
Well I don't want to show his picture, but there's the one of me and my man at the Marine Corps ball...I love it!!!

3. Favorite Memory
My favorite memories have been the roadtrips we've taken this year. It's fun to have alone time and now worry about work [though he had to :/]. We drove to Arizona to see two football games; we drove to Berkley/San Fransisco/Sacramento [one trip] to see two football games and my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. FUN!!!!!!!

2. 2015 Goal
My goal for 2015 is simple: be in the moment. Don't worry about things I can't control.

1. One little word
My one little word, is one little phrase: Let it be

And there you go! My 14 in '14. Enjoy everyone!



  1. That hair!! So pretty! such a fun year! Thanks for linking up with us! :)

    1. Thanks! Mine is about halfway to that hair at this point. Next appt it will look like the pic!!