November 9, 2014

Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day is the day to stop and remember all those that serve and have served our country. My grandfather fought in WWII for the Army, and my boyfriend currently serves in the Corps. With so much senseless violence out there, we should thank those that protect our freedoms daily.

On Friday at school, we had our annual Veteran's Day assembly. We always have a guest speaker that is either in, or has been in, the military. We play the National Anthem and then we also play all the medleys for the different branches. If the students know someone in the military [relative usually] we ask them to stand during that branch's medley. It's pretty cool to see how the military reaches all of us in some way. We then end with the playing of Taps, and the students leave the assembly quietly. It's a nice assembly.

I'm not sure where the tradition started with having a sale...I'm hoping it was to give Veterans a break as a 'thank you'.  So since that's what I'm hoping it's for...I'm throwing a Veteran's Day sale as well on my TPT Store. All paid products will be 15% off :) The sale will run Monday the 10th [the Marine Corps' 239th birthday] and Tuesday the 11th [Veteran's Day]. 

Enjoy and thank someone in the military!

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